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Hello, we're Kristina and Dimitrios!


We've always been concerned about the amount of plastic waste we generate in our daily lives. When we moved to Cyprus in 2019, we were shocked by the amount of disposable plastic coffee cups, plastic straws, and plastic bags scattered around the city and the beaches.


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we made the decision to invest our time and effort into researching potential ideas for establishing a zero-waste shop in Limassol. Surprisingly, the pandemic provided an opportune moment for us to reflect, channel our energy productively, and develop something that could assist people in leading more environmentally friendly lifestyle. 


We believe that beyond the business opportunity, agno zero waste grocery brings benefits to the community, as we envision ourselves capable of making a small but impactful change.


We are here because the shopping industry in Cyprus and worldwide has made it impossible to avoid plastic packaging. We're here to change that! Our top priority is to offer our community a sustainable option for everyday shopping, aiming to reduce the volume of household waste going to landfills.


We hope to see you soon, and don't forget to BYO jars and refillable bottles ;)