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agno grocery is Cyprus' first zero-waste and refill store. We offer a wide range of bulk foods, plastic-free accessories, cleaning detergents, personal hygiene items, and fresh produce, all with minimal or, ideally, no packaging. We are committed to sourcing only the highest quality products!


agno grocery makes sustainable shopping easier and more affordable. We aim to go beyond recycling and eliminate plastic altogether. 


We hope to see you soon!

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The shopping industry in Cyprus and worldwide has made it impossible to avoid plastic packaging. We're here to change that! Our top priority is to offer our community a sustainable option for everyday shopping, aiming to reduce the volume of household waste going to landfills.


We're all about supporting local suppliers and producers who prioritise ethical practices. Many of our products are certified organic and vegan, and none of our items have been genetically modified. We also have a closed-loop system with most local producers: customers return purchased containers to us, and we send them back to the producer for refills


We encourage all of our customers to bring their own refillable jars or bottles when shopping in-store. You'll be surprised by how much packaging you can save from ending up in landfills with just a few simple changes to your shopping routine

> zero waste 


Zero waste is a lifestyle focused on minimising waste production by reducing consumption, reusing items, and recycling efficiently. It aims to send almost nothing to landfills, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility!




What is agno grocery ? agno grocery is Cyprus’ first zero-waste lifestyle shop based in Limassol. We offer everything that you'd need to transition to a low waste lifestyle in one place!


Where are you located? We’re located on 59B Gladstonos street, Limassol, 3040.  


Is there a car park nearby? There are public car park slots available in the storefront. Alternatively, there is a parking lot available a 3-minute walk away on the east side of our shop, next to Bono restaurant, and there is a big car park on Georgiou Malikidi road. Click here for map


Do you deliver orders? Yes, we will deliver your order to either your home address or ACS collection points. We offer free delivery on orders 60 EUR and above. Order before 3pm for next day delivery from Monday - Thursday. Any orders placed from Friday - Sunday will be delivered on following Monday or Tuesday.


Where do you deliver? We deliver to all cities in the Republic of Cyprus and its regions


Do you offer click & collect service? Of course! Use our online shop to select your desired products and quantities and we will prepare your order for you to collect. 


How are deliveries packed? Dry goods will be packed in our 100% recyclable paper bags and wet goods in our reusable jars or bottles. We aim to prioritise the use of reused boxes for your order deliveries whenever possible.


Do you have a larger selection in-store? Yes, we do! We have plans to introduce more products online in the near future, but in the meantime, there’s a lot more liquid and refrigerated products in store.


Are you a 100% organic shop? Our main priority is to offer plastic-free alternatives to the public. Whenever we can, of course, we offer organic products.


Are your suppliers and producers running an ethical practice? We’re doing our best to make sure our suppliers comply with ethical practice. We try to get certified Fair Trade or any other recognised bodies to vouch for each supply that mainly comes from abroad. In any case, if we find out that any of our suppliers are running unethical business will be dropped instantly.


What packaging is used to deliver food goods to the store? While all food goods are delivered to the store in bulk quantities to minimise packaging waste, we prioritise ordering products delivered in returnable containers or paper bags. However, this is not always possible due to limited options and production constraints. If products arrive in non-recyclable packaging, we make sure to reuse it as much as possible, just like how we handle used glass jars, plastic detergent bottles, and recycled paper shopping bags.


We take environmental responsibility seriously and actively explore alternative delivery methods with our local suppliers.


What range of products do you offer? We offer a variety of bulk foods, plastic-free accessories, cleaning detergents, personal hygiene items and fresh produce in collaboration with Chadjipieris organic farm from Ayia Fyla.


What containers should I bring on my first visit to agno grocery Bring what you already have at home: repurpose old jars, lunch boxes, take-away containers, or any reusable container you prefer!


Can I donate jars and detergent bottles to agno groceryYou can bring us any clean, washed containers (e.g. glass jars with lids or plastic containers for detergents). we’ll sanitise the containers & offer them to our customers for free. would be amazing if you could also remove the label.

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59B Gladstonos street, Limassol, 3040

+357 25 255048



Working hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: closed


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